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July, 2008


Great News!! In case you have not been on the ASGNA website, ASGNA won the Outstanding Regional Society Award at the SGNA National Course in Salt Lake City. Linda Dupree and I enthusiastically accepted the award for our region. It is a terrific honor to be named the Outstanding Regional among over 60 regional societies. This award did not come easily and thanks to our great membership we were able to achieve this esteemed award – So Thank You to all, especially those who have volunteered time at some of our events. You can read more about our award in the upcoming SGNA newsletter.

I have more great news – there’s only 5 months left until Christmas! Better than that though is our own ASGNA Fall conference is just three months away. Start planning now to attend. I promise that it will be worth it to spend a Saturday networking with colleagues, vendors and having the opportunity to get excellent educational updates.

In years past we typically have not had any ASGNA activities after our Fall Conference, but this year ASGNA is working with the Arizona Cancer Coalition to promote and present the Undy 5000. This is the first annual Undy 5000 which is nationally sponsored by the National Cancer Coalition. Only four sites were chosen for the event in its inaugural year and Phoenix was chosen because of the wonderful work that ASGNA and the Arizona Cancer Coalition have done together to spread the word about the importance of colon cancer screening and awareness.

Undy 5000

Like the Susan B. Komen Race for the Cure, the Undy 5000 is a race for Colon Cancer survivors and families. The most important aspect of this year’s race will be a strong attendance. A strong attendance will help spread awareness to the public that colon cancer is preventable. More publicity is needed to increase the public’s awareness of colon cancer facts.

Of course raising money is an added bonus. I challenge all of you to please form teams in your departments, free standing centers and clinics and get your colleagues, families and friends to commit to joining us at the Undy 5000 on November 15th. Not only will you make a difference but you’ll get a great pair of boxer shorts to wear too. ASGNA will award a prize to the facility that gets the most people signed up on their team. For more information please visit


Next month we will be having a quarterly education meeting in Flagstaff on August 23rd. Mark your calendars and get out of the heat for the weekend and join us in Flagstaff.


Nominations for the elected offices of Secretary and President-elect will be arriving to you soon. Please consider nominating someone for an office or nominate yourself. Being part of the Board of ASGNA is rewarding and it does have some perks. For example, your membership dues for the year are paid for by ASGNA. If you hold the office of President-elect or President, ASGNA will pay for your attendance to the SGNA National Course. Qualifications for Secretary are that you must be a member of ASGNA. Qualifications for President-elect are that you must have served on the Board one previous year and be a member of ASGNA. . So when that nomination form arrives don’t just toss it in the trash can – NOMINATE – NOMINATE – NOMINATE!

Best wishes for a safe and happy summer!

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Treasurer’s Report:  


June 2008:   Beginning Balance:


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June 2008 revenue:

$ 2,955.00

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July 2008 beginning balance:


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We held our June meeting on Saturday, June 7th at CIGNA Medical Center in Phoenix, AZ. Matthew Bryant, PharmD, from Salix Pharmaceuticals presented two very interesting topics: Bowel Preps for Colo-Rectal Cancer Screening and Mesalaminine Products for UC. Due to popular demand, we have asked him to return for a future ASGNA presentation.


Our next educational offering will be on Saturday, August 23 in the cool north country. 8-1100am. We will be meeting at the Pinewood Country Club @ Munds Park, AZ. 8:00am: Registration/Continental Breakfast

Erick Naar, MD from Caris Diagnostics- speaking on stomach lesions M. Angelo Trujillo, MD from Flagstaff-speaking on extra esophageal manifestations of GERD.

2 CEUs will be provided for the Saturday meeting.

Please RSVP by August 20th to:
    Sue Plesinger:
    Karen Connick:


Our fall course will offer 5.5 CEUs and will be at the Buttes Resort in Tempe, AZ on October 25, 2008.

Hope to see at Munds Park.

Sue Plesinger, CGRN, Karen Connick, CGRN
Education Co-chairs 



Pictures from the Spring Conference


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Highlighting Our Profession


CIGNA – Clyde Wright Endoscopy Department

The endoscopy department at CIGNA – Clyde Wright is licensed as part of the outpatient surgery department. We are lucky to be under the umbrella of a large, national corporation, but still have the independence and feel of a small group.

Our department consists of five RNs and two LPNs with all the staff cross-trained to all areas. Also, each nurse in the department either presents or plans for a monthly educational in service. The group truly works as a team! We have two GI physicians, two part-time surgeons, and occasional rotations of GI fellows from the U of A program. Our GI physicians have offices within our department which helps to facilitate care for the patients.

Our endoscopy department recently received a three year accreditation from AAAHC. This was our first attempt at applying for the accreditation, and we were ecstatic to receive the three year award since a one year accreditation is more the norm for first time applicants. Our endo nurses worked as a team on QI projects, audits, and the revising of policies.

Our physicians also helped in the planning and revision of protocols for the department. We had two mock audits and also were reviewed by the State prior to our AAAHC survey, so we were feeling pretty good. The survey went well and the auditors were very complimentary of our unit and the staff. The hard work and effort given by everyone has made the team even stronger!

The CIGNA Clyde Wright endoscopy department will be participating in the Undy 500 for Colon Cancer Awareness this November at Kiwanis Park. Hope to see your endo teams there!

Carol Kirkby BSN, RN