GI Associate of the Year 2017

The Arizona Society of Gastrointestinal Nurses and Associates, a regional chapter of the Society of Gastrointestinal Nurses and Associates has presented this award to Adriana Leal.

Nomination Letter

Adriana is an Arizona native who has been a GI Associate Tech at Mayo Clinic since 2012.
Adriana came to us as a CST Surgical tech since 1996, and obtained her GTA certification summer 2016.
Adriana is a pleasure to work with and is an amazing tech in our department.
Adriana presents caring and professionalism in the G.I. department and in the room to patients and staff at all times.
Adriana has an amazing way of predicting what the need is and being ready or acting on that need.
One example of Adriana’s predictive behavior that characterizes her normal persona was that once when assisting a patient who could not be left alone, a nurse needed wash cloths.
When the nurse opened the curtain, Adriana was there handing the nurse wash cloths. The nurse did not even ask for them yet. This is a perfect example of how it is to work with Adriana.
When asked about that characteristic, she stated “I am ready with what is needed, even if it is not what is asked for”.
Adriana has stepped up, going above and beyond to perform the polyp tracking task which is very tedious in our department.
I am honored to nominate Adriana Leal as the 2016 GI Tech of the year!