GI Nurse of the Year 2009

The Arizona Society of Gastrointestinal Nurses and Associates, a regional chapter of the Society of Gastrointestinal Nurses and Associates has presented this award to Cheryl Phillips.

Nomination Letter

I am proud to take this time to nominate Cheryl Phillips RN, CGRN as the GI Nurse of the Year.  I am sure you already know what a wonderful and helpful person she is.  She is the past President of ASGNA.  I am very fortunate to be one of her employees at Southeast Valley Endoscopy Center in Chandler.  I began working at Southeast Valley Endoscopy Center in June.  At that time it was not yet ready for patient care.  Cheryl prepared every document necessary to open up a brand new center.  She saw the project come to fruition from the ground up which included more details than I can even imagine.  She prepared us for our State and AAAHC accreditation which we flew through with flying colors!  She is a wonderful teacher for all of the new employees, and those of us who thought we knew a lot!  She has been a GI nurse for many years and she truly enjoys her work, and it shows!  She is never hesitant to work in whatever capacity is needed in order to make the Center run smoothly.  Not to mention the welfare of her staff, the doctors we work for and most of all our patients.  She is a fair and caring person and an inspiration to all.   She continues to be active in many cancer prevention projects and is a genuine believer that we can fight cancer with knowledge!  She has earned the respect of many and I thank you for taking time to consider her...she certainly deserves it!

Submitted by:  Maria Dunton RN
Southeast Valley Endoscopy Center